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Which of the following is not characteristic of a tps employee? 

Which of the following is not characteristic of a tps employee?


A. knowledgeable
B. strict job classifications
C. know more about their job than anyone else
D. empowered
E. All of the above characterize a TPS employee.

The Correct Answer Is:

  • B. strict job classifications

Answer Explanation:

Strict Job Classifications is not characteristic of a tps employee. With the ability to perform multiple tasks within the production process, a TPS (Toyota Production System) employee is usually highly flexible and adaptable in their job duties. It would be contrary to this principle to have strict job classifications since it would limit the employee’s ability to contribute to the system’s overall efficiency.

Employees in TPS environments are trained to perform multiple roles in the production process and are multi-skilled. By allowing employees to take on different tasks as needed, instead of being limited to a specific job classification, the production line becomes more flexible and efficient.

Regardless of their job classification, all employees should be involved in improving the production process as part of the TPS philosophy. To foster a culture of continuous improvement within the organization, it is crucial that everyone is trained to identify and solve problems, rather than just relying on designated problem-solvers.

Further, the TPS system encourages employees to take responsibility for the quality of their work. This approach would not be supported by strict job classifications because it requires a high level of employee engagement and empowerment. Accordingly, TPS employees are not confined to rigid job classifications, as TPS encourages employees to be flexible, multi-skilled, problem-solving, and engaged as a whole, regardless of their positions.

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