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Which of the following is not one of marx’s four types of alienation?

Which of the following is not one of marx’s four types of alienation?

  1. Alienation from the product of one’s labor
  2. Alienation from one’s self
  3. Alienation from others
  4. Alienation from one’s religion

Answer: d. Alienation from one’s religion  

Answer Explanation

A central concept of Karl Marx’s critique of capitalist society was alienation, a concept he developed as a philosopher, economist, and social theorist. Marx proposes that capitalism leads to a number of forms of alienation, where individuals lose touch with their humanity and social existence.

Marx did not specifically discuss alienation from religion as one of his four types of alienation. Rather, he focused on the economic and social aspects of alienation within the capitalist mode of production.

Why the other options are not correct

a. Alienation from the product of one’s labor

As Marx’s theory of alienation aligns with this option, it is correct to alienate oneself from the product of one’s labor. Workers are disconnected from the results of their labor due to the lack of ownership and control they have over the products they produce. It prevents them from finding true fulfillment in their work because of this disconnection.

b. Alienation from one’s self

As Marx’s theory of alienation aligns with this option. It is not the correct answer .In a capitalist system, workers are detachment from their true selves, reduced to mere instruments of production rather than self-fulfilled individuals, because of division of labor and exploitation.

c. Alienation from others

In the capitalist system, competition and individualism grow, which weakens social bonds and genuine connections among people, leading to alienation from others. It is included in Marx’s four types of alienation.


The alienation from one’s religion is the correct answer. While Karl Marx’s theory of alienation encompasses alienation from the product of one’s labor, alienation from one’s self, and alienation from others, he did not explicitly discuss alienation from one’s religion as one of the four types of alienation.

Instead, Marx focused primarily on economic and social aspects, exploring how the capitalist mode of production led to various forms of alienation that affected individuals’ well-being, fulfillment, and social relationships. A deeper understanding of these concepts can provide valuable insights into the critique of capitalism and its impact on society and human life.

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