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Which of the following statements about motivation is incorrect?

Which of the following statements about motivation is incorrect?



a) Motivation can be extrinsic (arising from external factors).

b) Motivation never changes.

c) Motivation can be intrinsic (arising from internal factors).

d) Motivation can change over our life time

e) Motivation describes the wants or needs that direct behavior toward a goal.

Answer Explanation in Detail

Motivation is biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that determine behavior. In everyday life whatever an individual does is all motivated by some desire and need. For example, A thirsty man is motivated to get water from any source to quench his thirst. Motivation does not only refer to the factors that activate behavior instead some personal will is also important. Since it is a psychological process it can’t be seen directly by a person but the action, and behavior is influenced by motivation. A motivated person is active, consistent, highly dedicated towards the work, updated, energetic, punctual, etc. Good motivation can influence, encourage and inspire people to devote maximum effort to achieve a preset goal.


Motivation is an important part of the managerial function. Managers must be able to motivate subordinates. There is a direct relationship between motivation and performance. Motivation is important because it helps to improve the efficiency in goal achievement since it is always action-oriented. Motivation also helps to avoid unhealthy and adaptive behavior such as risk-taking and addiction. It also helps with competition and social connection. Lack of motivation also leads to illness and depression in person and lack of efficiency in the performance of an individual. 

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