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Which type of server can function as a firewall?

Which type of server can function as a firewall?




a. Mail server

b. Proxy server

c. Print server

d. FTP server.



Mail server

A mail server also called as E-mail server  is a server that handles and delivers e-mail over a network, usually over the Internet. A mail server is the computerized equivalent of your friendly neighborhood mailman. Every email that is sent passes through a series of mail servers along its way to its intended recipient.

Proxy server

Proxy server is a dedicated computer or software system that sits between an end “client,” such as a desktop computer or mobile device, and a desired destination, such as a website, server, or web- or cloud-based application. By acting as an intermediary between the client and destination, proxies can shield the client’s IP address from the destination, providing a layer of privacy. This helps prevent capture of users’ personally identifiable information.

Print server

Print servers are the computer system connected to a computer network in order to serve the need for printing jobs in a network that may contain more than one printer. A print server usually allows users in a computer network to perform a printing job without having to move files to the computer connected directly to the printer.

FTP server

FTP server  allows the users to upload and download files which is considered as a primary purpose of this server. An FTP server is a computer that has a FTP address and is dedicated to receiving an FTP connection. FTP is a protocol used to transfer files via the internet between a server (sender) and a client (receiver).

Option B is the Correct Answer.


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