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Who has said that caste is a closed class

Who has said that caste is a closed class

  1. Auguste Comte
  2. Shymacharan Dubey
  3. Iravati Karve
  4. Majumdar & Madan

 Answer: d. Majumdar & Madan.

Answer Explanation

According to Majumdar and Madan, caste is a closed class in Indian society. This means that once a person is a member of a particular caste, they are subject to its rules, restrictions, and privileges for the rest of their lives. As a result of caste being a closed class, individuals are unlikely to move out of their designated caste and into another one.

In their observation, Majumdar and Madan point to the tradition of the Indian caste system which has existed for centuries. In this system, society is divided into rigid hierarchical groups based on occupation, social status, and hereditary factors. One’s caste is determined at birth and cannot be changed. The duties, rights, and responsibilities of individuals are defined by their caste membership, and upward mobility is limited.

Why the other options are not correct

a. Auguste Comte:

Auguste Comte was a French philosopher and sociologist who coined the term “sociology” and advocated systematic social study. There is no specific discussion of the Indian caste system, nor its nature as a closed class, in the context of the question. Therefore, this option is not correct.

b. Shymacharan Dubey:

Shymacharan Dubey focused on social issues, including caste, in his poetry and writing. Nevertheless, based on the available information, this option does not appear to be correct because he does not explicitly state caste as a closed class.

c. Iravati Karve:

Iravati Karve was an Indian anthropologist and sociologist who conducted significant research on the Indian caste system. The work delves into the caste system, but she does not explicitly state that caste is a closed class. Therefore, this answer is incorrect.


According to Majumdar and Madan’s study of Indian society, caste is a closed class. Historically, the Indian caste system has limited social mobility and opportunities to change caste because of its deeply rooted beliefs and practices. While other thinkers and scholars have analyzed the complexities of the caste system, they did not explicitly declare it as a closed class.

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