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Workplace performance is maximized when conflict

Workplace performance is maximized when conflict

A) is at a very low level.
B) is at a moderate level.
C) is absent.
D) is at a high level.
E) occurs only at nonmanagerial levels.

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The Correct Answer for the given question is Option B) is at a moderate level.


Answer Explanation for Question: Workplace performance is maximized when conflict

Performance Management in the Workplace

Companies can increase their effectiveness with performance management by improving employee performance and sustaining that performance over time. Managers can create a work environment that is conducive to the success of employees and companies alike if they focus on the development of employees and match the company goals with team and individual goals.

Performance management is the process of measuring and improving the performance of employees within an organization. Practicing performance management means that management continuously works to develop its employees, establishes clear objectives, and provides constant feedback throughout the year. The employee performance management process is more dynamic and involved than other methods of reviewing employee performance, such as the annual performance review.

Human Resources departments focus on performance management as a way to onboard new employees, develop and retain them, as well as review their performance. Performance appraisal systems that are regularly reviewed fail to engage employees, fail to establish and reach company objectives, and do not provide a comprehensive understanding of employee performance.


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