Management of Human Resources – Old Question Paper 2016 | Semester: Spring

Management of Human Resources
Old Question Paper
Year: 2016 | Semester: Spring
Pokhara University

Exam 2016 Spring

Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions:[10×2=20]

  1. Point out the major functions of Human Resource Management.
  2. What do you mean by job analysis?
  3. Define employee empowerment.
  4. List the various techniques of human resource demand forecasting.
  5. State the problems related to performance appraisal.
  6. “Disciplinary action should be suggestive, not punitive” Why?
  7. Define the relationship between training and career development.
  8. Differentiate between direct and indirect compensation?
  9. Write the four benefits of an accident-free plant.
  10. What is collective bargaining?

Section B

Descriptive Answer Questions.

Attempt any six questions. [6×10=60]

11. Critically examine how the role of human resource manager is changing over the years.
12. What do you mean by job design? What are its outcomes? Explain.
13. Explain management development. Describe the pros and cons pf management development.
14. Critically analyze the practices of performance appraisal in Nepalese organizations.
15. Define compensation. Explain the emerging concepts and issues in compensation.
16. Define occupational safety and health. Explain the occupational health and safety measures as mentioned in Labour Act 1992.
17. Why do employee join unions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being union member?

Section C

Case Analysis

Read the following case carefully and answer the questions given below it.(20)

In 2002 , Best buy discovered some disturbing trend at their Minneapolis area headquaters.They saw an increase in the number of people quitting and filing stress related health claim. Employees’ survey indicated that they did not think their supervisors trusted them to do their work and that someone was always looking over their shoulders. They were not very happy or motivated.

The problem landed on the desk of Cali Ressler, who manages Best Buy’s work-life balance program. Ressler consider popular flexible work schedule option such as flexible work schedule as telecommuting, but decided,along with Jody Thompson, who was working as a designated change agent at Best Buy, that the problem demanded a bigger solution. Ressler and Thompson created a way that workers at Best Buy’s headquaters could be in control of their work and production. They devised a radical new program called ‘Results Only work Environment’ or ROWE.

Employees who opt to sign on with ROWE are allowed to decide how, when, and here they work. They can work in the office, at home in the park, a coffee shop another country, wherever. Consider these examples:
Employee relation manager Steve Hance participates, in morning teleconferences from his fishing boat on a lake where he’s been since dawn.
Jason Dehne jogs to his local coffee shop and takes calls there.
Marissa Plume does her best work at midnight in her home office.

The CBS news program 60 minutes visited Best Buy headquaters and interviewed Chap Achen, a manager at When asked why his division looked like a ghost town, he replied, “Some folks literally don’t come in the office for a week at a time.” When asked where the specific he know and didn’t care. “I couldn’t tell you if he was in basement or at a Starbucks with wireless connection.”

Clearly, this isn’t an ordinary “work from home” program. It’s more like a “work from anywhere,anytime” program. An obvious concern is whether anything would get done in such a flexible environment. The good news is yes, quite a bit gets done.Productivity at the headquarters has increased 41 percent and turnover decreased 90 percent. Those savings are substantial considering the estimated per employee cost of turnover is $120,000. Among the 60 percent of headquarters employees who signed on for ROWE, surveys report that they have better relationships with family and friends, feel more loyalty to the company, and feel more focused and energized about their work.

Best Buy is so happy with the results that they are recommending the program to other companies. It is even working at implementing a modified version at it’s retail stores.

Steve Hance, the manager who takes conference calls on his fishing boat,understands why people are skeptical of ROWE. “Being able to take an extra-long lunch or get off work early if you wanted-it sounded like utopia, but could people really do this?” He says, “As it turned out, they could.”

  1. Write the HR related problems that Best Buy initially faced.
  2. What types of job design techniques were used in Best Buy?
  3. What do you mean by flexible working environment? What are its merits and demerits? Discuss.
  4. Write the advantages of job design.

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