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Causes/ Sources of Employee Grievances – From Employee and Management Point of View | Human Resource Management (HRM)

Causes/ Sources of Employee Grievances

Employee Grievances 

Employee grievances are concerns, complaints, or dissatisfactions about one’s employment, working conditions, or treatment at work. An employee may file a grievance relating to salary, work environment, workload, performance evaluation, disciplinary action, harassment at work, or discrimination in any other way that affects their employment.

A crucial aspect of human resource management is resolving employee grievances, because it helps employers address employees’ concerns in a timely and effective manner, prevent potential legal liabilities and disputes, and boost employee engagement and productivity.

A positive workplace culture can also be fostered through effective grievance management. It is essential for organizations to have a grievance handling procedure that outlines the steps to take when an employee raises a grievance in order to handle employee grievances effectively.

In addition to ensuring employee confidentiality, the grievance procedure should also protect them from retaliation. It should be fair, transparent, and easily accessible to all employees.

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