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Difference between Administration and Management – Administration Vs Management | Principles of Management

Difference between Administration and Management

Difference between Administration and Management

The use of these terms is controversial. There are some authors who believe that administration and management are the same thing and there is no difference between them while others believe they are different functions. Some of the issues discussed by different authors are:

Administration is different from management

In an enterprise, administration determines the overall objectives and policies while management plans, coordinates, and controls the activities involved in achieving the enterprise goals. Numerous other authors agree with Ordway, Oliver Sheldon, Florance, Lansburg, and Haimann as well because management involves executing and supervising whereas administration involves making decisions and formulating policy.

Administration is part of management

Management refers to the process whereby the program is laid out, communicated, and the progress of activities is regulated and checked against plans through the implementation and enactment of procedures. There are various authors and schools who accepted this concept, such as Brech, Kimball, and Kimball, along with Rickman and the European school.

Administration and management are one

According to John Newman, “Management or administration is the management, direction, and control of the efforts of individuals toward a common goal.” According to Henry Fayol, every undertaking requires the same functions and observes the same principles. Both terms are considered equivalent by other authors such as George Terry, Allen, Koontz and O’Donnell.

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