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Fax in Office Management – Office Equipment and Their Uses | Office Management

Fax in Office Management

Introduction to Fax Communication in Office Management

It’s important to understand that fax communication has been a staple of office management for quite some time, serving as a tool for transmitting messages, documents, and other information. In this section, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of fax communication and its use in office administration.

1.1 Definition of Fax in Offices

Over a telecommunication line, a facsimile(fax) is used to send and receive printed or handwritten documents, drawings, photographs, and other visual information. A fax machine or digital fax service converts documents into electronic signals that can be transmitted over phone lines or the internet in an office setting.

These signals are re-converted into a printed document by the receiving fax device, creating a near-real-time reproduction of the original.

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