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Characteristics of Research

Characteristics of Research 

What is scientific research?

Scientific research is the application of scientific methods, and scientific principles to the investigation of relationships among different variables to find out solutions to problems or to develop a new theory.

It is mostly carried out by the scientific researcher with systematic observation. Governments should not fund any scientific research whose consequences are unclear.

The purpose of scientific research is to contribute to science by collecting, interpreting, and evaluating data systematically in a planned manner and that is what a researcher does.

Research findings generated by a small group of scientists are socialized, and new information about a diagnosis, treatment, and application is revealed. The purpose of this review is to provide details about how scientific research is defined, classified, and conducted.

Scientists should determine the subject, plan, and specify the methodology before beginning scientific research.

It is stated in the Declaration of Helsinki that “public participation in medical research is designed primarily to provide insights into the causes, development, and effects of a disease, and to develop preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions (methods, operations, and therapies).

Research into the reliability, efficiency, accessibility, effectiveness and quality of even the best-proven interventions should be conducted continuously. The characteristics of scientific research are as follows:

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