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Educational Psychology – Meaning, Nature, Importance, Scope and MCQs | Educational Psychology Notes

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

Meaning of Educational Psychology

educational psychology

➦ The study of psychology entails the observation and measurement of behavior and the activities of living creatures.

➦ Education is primarily concerned with modifying the behavior of children within a controlled environment.

➦ Studying the science of behavior will help in shaping the behavior of a subject and bringing positive or negative changes.

➦ As a successful teacher, you must be aware of the developmental stages and characteristics of your students.

➦ Educational psychologists are concerned with children’s learning and development. In order to assist those having difficulties with learning, behavior, or social adjustment, they use their special skills in psychological and educational assessment techniques.

➦ Educators study individual development within educational settings using educational psychology as a method.

➦ Students’ skills are enhanced and the teacher’s understanding of them is enhanced as a result. Psychology and education are two fields that are combined in educational psychology.

➦ Educating to realize life goals involves understanding, predicting, and guiding human behavior.

➦ Educational psychology is the science of studying the processes by which humans acquire knowledge and retain it, mostly through educational settings like classrooms.

➦ The learning process includes emotional, social, and cognitive components.

➦ The aim of research in educational psychology is to test the theories that guide the actions of those involved in education.

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