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Stereotyping – Concept, Components, Types, Implications, Examples, MCQs | Types of Perceptual Errors

Stereotyping (Generalizing/Grouping)

Stereotyping refers to the process of identifying individuals or groups based on certain characteristics or traits they are believed to possess.

Often, preconceived notions or societal biases are used to form assumptions and beliefs about a person or group of people based on limited information.

A stereotype can be based on a variety of factors, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, profession, religion, and others. Stereotypes can lead to unfair judgments or expectations regarding those within those groups.

Stereotyping assumes that all individuals within a particular group are the same in terms of characteristics or behaviors, rather than taking into account the uniqueness and individuality of each individual. This creates a perceptual error.

In this context, assumptions may not reflect the true diversity and complexity of individuals within a group that is being stereotyped accurately.

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