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productFeatures of Convenience Products
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Convenience Products

Convenience products are relatively inexpensive products, which are purchased minimum of time and effort because the buyer has knowledge about the characteristics of the product .The consumer does not want to gather additional information and will accept a substitute rather than spending his time and effort to find the product from store to store and also don’t want to compare price and quality of these products because the price of these products is usually low.

Features of Convenience Products

  • Consumers buy convenience product frequently.
  • The price of convenience products is less as compared to other products.
  • Although the brand is acceptable for convenience product, it is not the major issue.
  • Majority of convenience product are consumable in nature.
  • Consumer buys convenience product from a location that is convenient to them.
  • Price and quality are normally not considered.
  • There is high competition in the selling of convenience products..

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