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Rural Marketing strategies | Principles of Marketing |Types of marketing strategy |
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Rural Marketing strategies:

Rural Marketing is an emerging marketing concept that manages the series of activities related to the purchasing power of rural consumers into demand for specific products and services.The major reasons for adopting rural marketing are listed as follows:

Rural Marketing strategies

1) Size of Population:

Rural market is one attractive proposition due to its size and growth. More than 83% of Nepalese population resides in rural area.

2) Competitive urban market:

Majority of competitors base their marketing activities in the urban area leading to fierce competition. Moreover, many products have achieved maturity in the urban market. With the expenditure ever-increasing, it makes sense to tap the rural market.

3) Rising rural prosperity:

The average income level of rural people has risen in recent times. Modern farming practices, industrialization, remittance, etc. have improved the purchasing power. This rising rural prosperity provides a whole new opportunity for marketers to sell their products and services.

4) Change in lifestyle:

There has been a gradual change in the lifestyle of rural people in literacy level, expansion of media, movies, has made them aware of various products and services all around. In has opened a whole new market for lifestyle products and services.

5) Improving accessibility:

The rural areas of Nepal have embarked on a journey of development. Many villages now have access transportation, electricity, means of communication, etc. This scenario provides a better access to marketers.


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