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Writer’s Block – Overcoming Writer’s Block | Managerial Communication

Writer’s Block | Overcoming Writer’s Block |How do you get over writer’s block?|What causes writer’s block?| Is writer’s block normal?| How long does writer’s block last?|  Managerial Communication 

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is a situation that is encountered by the person while writing something leading to difficulty in writing, generating new ideas, and a slowdown in the writing (Rasch, 2013).

Is writer’s block normal?

Writer’s Block is a normal/natural and inevitable phenomenon that almost occurs in the life of every writer. It generally occurs when one is unable to find the right topics and the right words to write upon.

What causes writer’s block?

Basically people have an expectation and desire to write a perfect piece of writing which results in stress, anxiety, and frustration. A human mind is bounded by lots of things that are going around us. All of these things somehow affect the creative thinking of people while writing effectively. Students have the tendency to write when approached to deadlines causing them writer’s block while writing as they couldn’t devote their time for planning while writing.


There are several factors that lead to the condition of the writer’s block. In today’s world, people get distracted by various things at the same time related to their family responsibilities, their professional life, friend circle. All of these things automatically affect the effectiveness and creativity of people while writing. People are moving with the last race of competition for which they want to just work day and night ignoring their health aspects, refreshment leading to exhaustion. When people are exhausted they cannot generate good ideas nor can concentrate on their writing which makes completely unproductive and causes hindrance while writing.


Being a student what I feel is that most everyone has the habit to start writing without planning a structure and outline for the writing causing them writer’s block. Those writers who have already contributed best work in writing always feel the pressure to write the perfect piece of writing as they have already set some standard in their previous writings. They feel the fear of rejection for their writing causing writer’s block.


The writers must be able to get out these situations to make their writing more creative and effective as well. People should try to overcome writer’s block as it is a temporary thing not a permanent thing. Overcoming writer’s block helps to manage the crisis in a more effective manner.


For a company writer’s block can affect various aspects. For example, either the staff might feel to quit writing or they will produce ineffective sorts of writing which will impact their cost as well as the brand image of the company. Therefore, a company gets affected by the writer’s block in many ways which becomes mandatory for the company to adopt some measures to overcome it.


Overcoming Writer’s Block

1. Freewriting (Write something every day)

Everyday people must try to write some sorts of free writing which helps them to gain confidence in writing as well as allows them to relate things in a well manner. When you start doing free writing your imagination becomes wider as you are not abided by any kind of rules and regulations while writing. Since, there is no hindrance in your mind regarding formal rules for writing you can generate lots of creative ideas.


2. Refreshment (Have some refreshment by getting away from your desk)

Working on a desk for long hours and hours becomes monotonous and people are already exhausted. Getting out of the desk and having some refreshments in the fresh air makes your brain feel more relaxed which helps in generating creative ideas and supports in avoiding writer’s block.


3. Deadlines (Set firm deadlines for your work)

Although deadlines act as a negative inspiration for people which put them under pressure to complete the task before the specific date and time, it is still better to set deadlines to make your work done (M, 2018). Mainly people have the tendency to write when approached to deadlines leading to writer’s block as they couldn’t devote their time for planning while writing. Deadlines make the writer more sincere and responsible to write on time.

For example, let’s have a case of our college where if the University has not set the deadlines then the students would not submit their assignments on time and they would have done carelessly in the submission of their assignments.


4. Project Switch (Switch to another project)

When you work on the same project for so long it became so monotonous, exhausting, and boring as well as you cannot concentrate on your more. When you switch to another project then it helps your mind to release and when you come back to your previous project then you are charged with some renewed energy (Jr., 1982). This automatically increases the productivity and creativity of people while writing. Many writers feel relaxed to switch on another project for avoiding boredom and helps in preventing writer’s block as well.


5. Try working from different places other than the office or home

When people start working from different places other than the office or home various ideas can be generated as they can relate to various experiences. We all know that external environment effects on the thinking and visualizing the power of the person (WIEHARDT, 2019). For example, when people work from the cafe they will have some new experience and a new level of thinking capacity as compared to being centric in the office and home. This helps in avoiding writer’s block and encouraging effective writing.


6. Perfection (Release yourself from the desire of perfection)

The writers should not be too hard on themselves to have perfect writing. This may occur because those writers who have already contributed best work in their writing. This creates pressure on them to write the perfect piece of writing as they have already set some standards in their previous writings (Eddie, 2019). The fear of rejection creates the writer’s block while writing.


7. Do some Researching and Referencing

People are also encountered with writer’s block when they are out of words, phrases or some information. Researching and referencing through media like LinkedIn twitter and some other sources allows the writer to gather proper information for their writing. This makes writing more creative and effective.



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