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Different models of Media systems
Macro | Micro | Dynamic
Media and Politics
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a) Macro Models:

This model is Deterministic,pessimistic and leftist model(communist).This model talks that media control our thoughts behavior and imposes influence over society.It exerts influence over society and what society follows.Media create ideology on the grip of which society comes.It manipulated people and controls our thoughts.

b) Micro Models:

This is a pluralistic model which means that media affects people and people affect media. It looks at small issues of society.People may question media text and they do not believe on them fully.It has more democratic view and has optimistic point of view.

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c) Dynamic Model:

This model says that media and society interact with each other and affect each other . Media and society have dynamic and growing relationship.Sometime they may be hostile and sometime they may be positive toward society.

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