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George Washington Leadership | Westcliff University

George Washington Leadership: Servant and democratic Leadership Style | PA2 | Organizational Leadership | Westcliff University | Checked on Turnitin


What leadership characteristics did George Washington demonstrate during the revolution?

George Washington followed the Servant style of leadership. Although being the king who was considered as one the most powerful position in the nation he believed in taking care of the followers’ needs rather than prioritizing his own needs. George Washington always acted and served as a servant to his followers although being the king of the nation which could have given him so much power to do what he wanted. Along with the servant leadership style, George Washington also followed the democratic style of leadership.


During the period of the American Revolution, he was so democratic regarding guiding the U.S government rather than commanding the troops (Gastil, 2018). His words and beliefs regarding the democratic leadership style reflected through his actions as he appointed strong leaders to his staff.

How George Washington influenced the lives of others positively or negatively?

George Washington positively influenced the lives of others especially the people around the United States. Being the first president of the United States he guided the nation during the time of difficulty as well as influenced the future of American Foreign policy.

 George Washington also contributed and debated with other delegates regarding the foundation of the American Constitution which consists of the central government and strong executive leader. George Washington established many crucial presidential precedents which acted as a guideline or law for further presidents. (The First President).

Why is George Washington remembered?

George Washington will be remembered in history as the first elected president of the United States who also helped to write the Constitution of the country. George Washington will be remembered in history as an honest, dignified, and ethical leader who was knowledgeable as well. He will be remembered for establishing many crucial presidential precedents.


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