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Raiding – External Sources of Recruitment | Human Resource Management


Raiding means attracting employees working elsewhere to join the organization. Although many recruiting companies believe it is un-ethical to contact employees of other organizations directly, many of them do such raiding. Especially in situations where recruitment is urgent, companies do this. Public and private sector organizations do this as well.


Poaching means hiring a competent and experienced employee who already works for another company in the same field or in a different field. This company may even be a competitor of yours. In this source, the strategy used is “Buying Instant Talent” rather than developing it.

Advantages of Raiding


  • It takes less time.
  • There is no need for career planning or talent management.
  • Helpful in emergency/contingent situations.
  • Developing outside is cheaper than developing inside.

Disadvantages of Raiding

  • Though it may be legal, it is unethical practice to be honest.
  • Existing employees may be frustrated and demotivated.
  • Demotivation can lead to burden on the organization.

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