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conflictCauses Of conflict in an Organization
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Conflict in an organization is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests between people working together. It is very important for every individual to know what causes conflict or what constitutes the conflict. Conflict takes many forms in organizations. Some conflicts have their basis in how people behave, while others come from disagreements about the nature of the team’s work and how it is being accomplished.

1) Needs:
When we only focus on our needs and ignore other peoples or group’s needs conflict arises .Needs are the things that are very much essential to our well-being.

2) Perceptions:
People’s perception or opinions on anything differs from person to person as they all have their own method of thinking and judgement . Because of this contradictory nature of individuals perception conflict takes place.

3) Competing interests:
Conflict can arise when people have mutually incompatible desires or needs. For example, two team members with similar skills may both want a certain assignment, leaving the one who doesn’t receive it resentful.

4) Performance deficiencies:
some team members are either not contributing their share of effort or not performing at the expected level of quality, the impositions that result can create friction, which may be heightened when critical or highly visible tasks are involved.

5) Power:
Number of Conflict in an organization is influenced by how people use their power .This can happen only when someone is more powerful and his/her actions affect others.

6) Values:
Values are beliefs or principles we consider dear and very important. Conflicts also arise when one party refuses to accept the fact that the other party holds something as a value rather than a preference.

7) Feelings and emotions:
When people ignore their own or others feelings and emotions conflicts can occur feelings and emotions.Many people allow their feelings andemotions become a major influence over how they deal with conflict.

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