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Importance of Motivation – Concept of Motivation | Organizational Behavior

Importance of Motivation | Concept of Motivation | Organizational Behavior | Management Notes

Motivation is an important part of the managerial function. Managers must be able to motivate subordinates. There is a direct relationship between motivation and performance. Motivation helps to improve the efficiency in goal achievement since it is always action-oriented. Motivation also helps to avoid unhealthy and adaptive behavior such as risk-taking and addiction. It also helps with competition and social connection. Lack of motivation also leads to illness and depression in person and lack of efficiency in the performance of an individual. Some of the importance of motivation in the organization can be explained below:

Profitable operation with proper utilization of production factors

A motivated employee always performs his duties and responsibility well. He also had self-responsibility for the best utilization of organizational resources like materials, money machines, etc. He has the ability to use the production factors properly and efficiently. He has the best idea of technology, location setup, organizational structure, production process, etc. Therefore, he is always active to give his best in every sector which leads to a profitable business. Also, the organization can run its profitable operation in different areas with the help of motivated employees who are always active to perform their best. It ultimately increases the productivity of the business.

Coordination, Satisfaction, and Efficiency in work

A motivated employee is always interested and willing for the new creation of ideas and job structure. It helps to develop a satisfied employee as the satisfaction of employees is essential for organizational effectiveness. Motivation also helps to develop morality, loyalty, and dedication among employees. Motivation can be in the form of financial or non-financial and intrinsic or extrinsic. Motivated employees develop better understanding among subordinates and appreciate their mutual problems and resolve differences through mutual consent. Such type of coordination among employees helps to develop the attitude of team spirit and group effort for common goals.

Best Use of Human Resource to Increase Performance

Manpower is the main active factor of production and is responsible for the best utilization of organizational resources. Motivated manpower is always willing to create the best possible way to perform tasks better. Also, a motivated employee is stable in an organization for a better opportunity. Retention of motivated manpower is an asset for organizations. In any organization,  when there are motivated employees it ultimately increases the performance in the organization.


Minimize Supervision Cost

Motivated employees perform their work themselves since they have the feeling of self-responsibility to perform work smoothly. For such employees simple guidance and timely suggestion are sufficient. Regular and close supervision is not needed for those employees. They always work with the full ability for best performance in an organization which helps to minimize supervision cost for the organization.


Goal Achievement

Every organization has its defined objective to be fulfilled. And fulfill all those objectives timely, effectively, and efficiently. A motivated employee plays a vital role in it. Motivated workers who put their effort toward the attainment of organizational objectives by the best utilization of Machine, method, resources, raw materials, etc. Moreover, the best utilization of human resources contributes to the proper utilization of other resources. This will help to minimize the cost of output or service and maximize profitability which is the ultimate goal of every organization.


Readiness to Change

Change is the inevitable part of every organization. Such changes may be in technology, environments, etc. In general, there is a tendency to resist the change or hesitate to accept the change in the organization but a motivated employee is always ready to accept the changes. Motivated employees are always already aware of the benefit and need of newness in organization and business environments. Non-motivated employees are always scared of their job security and stability So they never adopt the changes. Thus, every manager should create an environment to motivate employees along with a positive attitude of job security and stability.

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