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Applications of Person Perception in Organizations – Organizational Behaviour | Management Notes

Applications of Person Perception in Organizations | Perception |Organizational Behaviour | Management Notes

In the organizations every people always tend to judge each other as these judgement have important consequences for the organization. The important applications of person perception in organizations are as follows:

Employment interview

Employment interview is a major input into who is hired and who is rejected in any organization is the employment interview. There are lots of evidence indicates that interviewers make perceptual judgments that are often inaccurate. Interviewers generally draw early impressions (negative or positive) to accept or reject.

Performance expectations

There are lots of evidence which indicates that people attempt to validate their perceptions of reality, even when those perceptions are faulty. For example, if a manager expects big things from his people, they are not likely to let him down. Similarly, if a manager expects people to perform minimally, they will tend to behave so as to meet those low expectations. The result then is that the expectations become reality.

Ethnic profiling

Ethnic profiling is a form of stereotyping in which a group of individuals is singled out typically on the basis of race or ethnicity for intensive enquiry, scrutinizing, or investigation. For example, Muslim ethnic communities are tightly observed and/or negatively seen especially by American and European organizations after September 11 attack on World Trade Center, in USA.

Performance evaluation

An employee’s performance appraisal person are very much dependent on the perceptual process. Although i. Factor appraisal can be objective, many jobs are evaluated in subjectiv terms. Subjective measures are easier to implement. They provide managers with greater discretion, and many jobs do not readily provide themselves to objective measures.

Employee effort

An individual’s future in an organization is usually not dependent on performance alone. It also depends on their level of efforts. An assessment of an individual’s effort is a subjective. The judgments susceptible to perceptual distortions and bias.


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